Wishing for someone you lost to get back.

First of all, don’t worry. Yes it will work!! But please read the following.

Either it’s a friend, a family member or an ex, wishing for someone to get back to you needs different approach. Therefore, you are probably not in the right state right now. Losing someone you love can be a painful experience. If you are coming here to wish for an ex to get back, you are probably in a very sad mood right now.

You have to learn and identify. Wishing for a love one to get back will put you in the previsous situation and you’ll spin in a pattern where you will lose this person again.

The very first thing to do is to ask yourself the question "why is this relationship now over ? ". Breakups never occur for nothing. There is a lot to learn from these events. Identify what there is to learn from the relation that it was before the breakup or the fight. Then Identify what there is to learn from the breakup or the fight itself.

Don’t take all the blame from this breakup. Don’t mutilate yourself and your mind over this. It takes two to make it right. Guilt is poison. Stop it now.

Then ask yourself if getting back with this person is really what you want. Maybe, deep down you miss this person because you feel alone. Maybe you just don’t accept that feeling of rejection. In both of these cases, getting back with this person might not be a solution.

If this person is really someone you want back in your life, then focus on your wish. This wish should be based on change. You both need to be a better person in order for this wish to be granted. So your wish should include for you to change for an improved and better person. You should wish to become “A new you” now perfect to make the other person happy or to fill the other person with unconditional happiness and love. This should inspire the other person to follow your lead and become an improved person itself.

It’s like pulling a string that will pull a lower string that will pull the lowest string. Your new way of seeing things will have the domino effect that will put all the pieces together for a comeback.

Proceed here.